Petite Plume Press

48th Georgia

Author of the Year

Crossing the Line
Crossing the Line

Tale of the Talking Coins
The Tale of The
Talking Coins

Little Brown Hen

Bullet Joe Rogan
"Bullet" Joe
Kansas City Monarch

46th Georgia

Author of the Year

Chasing Mussolini
Chasing Mussolini
The Memoirs of Joan of Arc
The Memoirs of
Joan of Arc

If I Could be a Zebra
If I Could Be a Zebra

Other Titles

Mrs Cucumber
Mrs. Cucumber
and the Case of the Missing Spectacles

The King's Royal Tantrum
The King's
Royal Tantrum

The Uninvited Guest
The Uninvited Guest

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Mr. Roodle's Noodles


Finalist - Georgia Author of the Year Award CROSSING THE LINE is a finalist in the
48th Georgia Author of the Year Awards
for Young Adult Literature.


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We have added several new books to our bookstore. Check them out, you'll find a variety of subjects written for young adult readers and children of all ages.

Write On!

Having trouble getting your story from your brain to the page? You may need a Writing Coach. Zarle Williams conducts writing workshops and one-on-one instruction for all ages and levels of experience. Our mission at Petite Plume Press is to encourage and assist writers in achieving their creative goals.

Feeling Artsy?

Petite Plume Press is currently seeking talented artists to illustrate our upcoming books. If you are an artist interested in freelance work, please contact us.

Welcome to our newest artist, Mandy Newham! To see more of Mandy's awesome work visit her web site:

Want to Have Your Name in a Book?

poodleWe’re developing a new cookbook to be published next year! We’re asking children to submit recipes that have names of animals in the title, like Poodle Noodles, Elephant Stew or Pigs in a Blanket.

Everyone who has a recipe included will receive a discounted book signed by the author.

More information and instructions.

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