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Zarle Williams
Zarle Williams

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Award winning Georgia author and educator Zarle Williams hails from Colorful Colorado.

Her work has appeared in:

  • Byline Magazine
  • The Georgia State Review
  • Obsidian II
  • Pivot Magazine
  • Jack and Jill Magazine
  • Scholastic Books.

Her novel The Memoirs of Joan of Arc was a finalist for the 2009 Katherine Paterson prize for young adult writing.

Zarle is the author of Chasing Mussolini, a Georgia Author of the Year nominee and finalist in the 2010 North Texas Book Festival.

Her books for children include The King’s Royal Tantrum, If I Could Be A Zebra, The Uninvited Guest, Little Brown Hen, Razzmatazz! And “Bullet” Joe: Kansas City Monarch.

Ms. Williams received her MFA in writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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